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Primary Products
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Copper Sulphate – ( CuSo4 )
Zinc Sulphate ( ZnSo4 )
Manganese Sulphate ( MnSo4 )
Alum – Ferric & Non Ferric
Ferous Sulphate
Hydrochloric Acid
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Sulphuric Acid – ( H2SO4 )
Dilute Sulphuric Acid
Humic Acid
Calcium Chloride
Copper Carbonate
  Manufacturing Process

Alum (Aluminum Sulphate) is manufactured by the reaction of  Alumina Hydrate and Bauxite with Sulphuric acid.
Bauxite is ground in the pulverizer to 90% passing through 200 mesh and elevated to Batch Hopper through Bucket Elevator. Measured quantity of water is to be taken into the Lead bonded reactor and slowly concentrated Sulphuric acid is to be added in the reactor. After getting the required temperature in the reactor, slowly the ground bauxite is added . After the addition of measured quantity of Bauxite/Alumina Hydrate, the Agitator is kept on for about 45 minutes then the solution is dumped into the settling tank.

The decanted solution of Aluminum Sulphate for the mixed process is then again taken to the Reactor and the required quantity of Sulphuric Acid is slowly added and after getting the temperature. The required quantity (as per the degree of solution) of Hydrated Alumina is slowly added keeping agitator rotating. After the addition of total quantity the Alum is molded in the trays with the help of tray filling arrangement. The slabs after cooling are to be taken out from the trays and stacked in the store.

The decanted solution for hot process is taken into the evaporator and the solution is concentrated to the required gravity and than molded in the trays for cooling.


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